Follow me in my first multi-day mountain bike race,
The Pisgah Stage Race!

I will (attempt) to blog each day about my experience on and off the bike in the “east coast mountain bike Mecca” Pisgah National Forest near Brevard, NC. Learn more about this world class race here and follow my race progress here.

5 days, 140 miles, 20,000 ft of elevation, competing against nearly 30 women!

This will be epic!


Want to improve your mountain biking skills? Go to the MTB skills

training page to learn about $20/ hour coaching sessions for all levels! 

Life on two wheels has not only unearthed a new passion but also a new purpose for me. When I’m not riding, and even when I am riding I’m working to expand the realm of women’s mountain biking every chance I get.  Some say I am ate up with racing my bike and I really enjoy traveling to new trail systems throughout the Southeastern US that racing has introduced to me. I primarily race cross country and endurance (6-12 hours) for Dan’s Comp bike shop in Evansville, IN.  Competing as an adult has taught me many things I didn’t learn growing up playing team sports, namely how to appreciate your competition. I’ve learned that without competitors there is no race and frankly the more riders that show up, the sweeter the experience!  This has been the driving force to get more women mountain biking. Now I’m focused on making the learning process more accessible and more enjoyable to anyone that wants to learn!

I am proud to be an ambassador for VIDA MTB Series and possess a level one IMBA Instructor Certification.  I plan to complete my level two certification by the end of 2016. With these trainings and my experience as a teacher and a coach I have organized and instructed mountain bike clinics designed to teach women trail riding skills. In the Evansville/ Tri-state area I provide individual and small group lessons to men, women, and kids wanting to gain basic skills to ride our great trails! To learn more about these instructional sessions click here.


Riding with friends

Teaching mountain bike skills

Teaching mountain bike skills

Racing for Dan’s Comp


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