2014 in Preview

Well the new year is in full swing but as February comes to a close the new race year is about to begin! A few of my crazier more dedicated friends have already taken on a few races including The Snake Creek Gap Time Trial Series in Dalton, GA and The Southern Cross in Dahlonega, GA but my first race will be March 9th in Ocala, FL. This race has come together on a “I’m sick of freezing my butt off and riding on the road” whim when I asked my teammates if anyone might be willing to share the 12 hrs drive to florida with me. This race is the first in the SERC series that puts on some pretty epic race schedules. The Santos Vortex Trails are calling to me with their sandy switchbacks and sea turtle sized rocks, not to mention it will be 80 degrees!! I can’t wait to sweat in my new Dan’s Comp Team kit!! I’ve gone back and forth a few times on what series to focus on this year. Last year’s focus was easy to decide, I was determined to win the DINO cat 2 women’s series in Indiana and I managed to do so by 1 point, earned in the very last race. It was an epic battle but it was exaclty the type of closure I needed to go out and seek other championships (: I have settled on the Kentucky Point Series as my primary focus. I will be racing cat 1 which I have been feverishly preparing for by doubling my milage goals (yes even on the spin bike, barf). A slightly secondary focus will be the Southern Five, a BRAND NEW cross country racing series put together by 40lbs Sledgehammer. I’m very stoked for this series as it centers around Evansville, IN and includes most of my favorite trails; French Lick, Ferdinand State Park, and Ben Hawes State Park. There may also be a sprinkling of some more SERC races and TBRA races, both of which put on good “pre season warm up” races for us ‘northern folk’ who inevitably get their asses kicked so that they can kick other’s asses in June. We had our first above 60 degrees day and boy oh boy I’m starting to itch! Look for my next post in about two weeks after I relearn how to mnt bike in Ocala, FL!!

Kentucky Point Series


West Point
Grand Rivers

Waverly Park
Fort Duffield
Capital View
Ben Hawes
Land Between the Lakes
Cherokee Park
England Idlewild

Southern Five

May 24  Angel mounds, Evansville, IN
June 14  French lick, IN
June 28  Ferdinand SP, IN
July 12  Ben Hawes SP, Owensboro, KY
August 9  Harmonie SP, New Harmonie, IN


October 11 Lula Lake Land Trust 50 Mile Ride, Lookout Mountain, GA

October 25 Lock 4, 6 hour endurance race, Gallatin, TN


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