MTB skills instruction

Improve your confidence on the trail with beginner sessions, intermediate sessions, or an introduction to racing session!

Sessions are open to men, women, kids, families, and small groups

Both kids and adults alike believe that riding a bike is easy. Once you learn or remember how to ride, it does start to feel easy. But like most hobbies biking has morphed into many specialties like road cycling, bmx, big air, trials, free riding, and mountain biking. Each of these specialties has a complex set of skills that are neither common sense nor always applicable to one another.

I believe that mountain biking is the most accessible of the disciplines. I also believe that you don’t just automatically know how to maneuver through the ever-changing terrain that makes trail riding fun! There are specific skills that can be taught in a progressive and safe manner to get you to your desired riding level.

Typically, it is difficult to watch someone ride a wheelie or climb up the face of a rock and be able to mimic what they do. You can’t always see the sequence of techniques combined to execute a skill. It’s not your fault you can’t do what your friends or athletes on TV can do. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t mountain bike or take your riding to a level you never imagined possible.
After years of trial and error, training to an elite level of racing, and finally learning the art of mountain bike riding, I now have the expertise to make my passion more accessible to you! My goal is to empower you to feel comfortable on local trails so you can learn the skills to reach yours. 

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• All participants must provide a working bicycle and fitted helmet
• Groups limited to 1 to 5 participants of similar ability, age, or a family
• Training sessions may be held at Angel Mounds, Scales Lake Park, Ben Hawes, and Harmonie State Park
• Minimum 2 hours per session
• Training available on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday
Pricing and available coaching sessions:
     Beginner session: 2-4 hours at $20 per hour
     Intermediate session: 2-6 hours at $30 per hour
     Intro to mountain bike racing: 2 hours at $20 per hour


• How to perform safety checks for bike and riding gear
• Learn how to differentiate mountain bike riding from other types
• Understanding body positioning and balance
• Learn how to brake and safely dismount
• Understanding how to pedal and shift properly
• Information on trail use guidelines and local trails


• Understanding body positioning and balance
• Resources for improving fitness and skills
• Guided trail ride with instruction on obstacles within the trail

more to come!

Introduction to racing

more to come!

Let’s get started!
Tiffany Hutchens
(810) 908-0558

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the instructor?  20150629_180346
My name is Tiffany Hutchens and I have lived in Evansville, IN for 7 years. I am an avid outdoors lady who began competing in cross-country mountain bike races in 2012. With the help of the Evansville Mountain Bike Association (EMBA) I have grown tremendously as a rider, community member, trail steward, competitor, and even as a friend. I am passionate about bikes enough that I ride year round, travel throughout the US to race, and often take my bikes on vacation with me! Yes, I said bikes plural.

What are your qualifications?
I am professionally insured by Aventsure and hold a certified level 1 mountain bike skills certification through the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). I have both organized local skills clinics and have served as a guest coach at other prominent clinics. Additionally, I love attending clinics hosted by professional riders to continue progressing my own skill set. I currently race for local shop Dan’s Comp at the Cat 1 level in cross country and endurance (6 to 24 hours) events.  I am first aid and CPR certified and believe that my experience as a teacher, coach, college athlete, and personal trainer enhance my ability to instruct others.

What skills are required to participate at the introductory level?
Participants MUST be able to pedal a bike without assistance. Knowledge of how to stop or how to shift gears is NOT required.

When can I schedule a session?
A skills session can be scheduled on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday. Sessions are available between 8 am and 7 pm unless otherwise agreed upon. Please plan to schedule your session a minimum of 1 week in advance. Kindly provide 12 hours notice if you must cancel or reschedule a session (except in the case of poor weather). Skills sessions are taught year round. Please consider the temperature when scheduling if you are sensitive to cold or heat.  The instructor reserves the right to cancel the session if temperatures are below 40 degrees or above 100 degrees. 

What should I bring to the session?
Please bring your own bicycle- preferably one with wider, treaded tires. A bike with a front fork ‘shock’ is ideal but not required. All riders are required to have their own helmet that fits without covering their eyes. Closed-toe shoes and shorts or pants that can be rolled up are also safety requirements. A few snacks and at least 30 ounces of water for each participant are necessary items. Gloves, elbow and knee pads, a spare inner tube, small tools, sunglasses, bug spray, sun screen, extra layers and a change of clothes are all suggested items. Some of the parks require a day use fee per vehicle, participants are responsible for all fees. 

What should I NOT bring to the session? 
Please do not bring non- functioning bikes, road bikes  (bikes with dropped handle bars) or bikes with training wheels. Do not bring pets, music, head phones, weapons, drugs, alcohol, or video cameras (basic camera/ phone are ok) to the skills session as it detracts from the learning environment.

What ‘mood’ or culture can I expect of the session? 
I aim to create a casual, supportive, and enjoyable environment. Think light-hearted and fun, not demanding and competitive. Each session will vary based on how much time is spent practicing a skill, what skills are most interesting to the riders, and how important time on the trail is to the participants.

Why are t2014-07-30 16.44.58he sessions limited to 5 participants?
I find individual or small group instruction is of greatest benefit to the participants. The more individual attention I can provide to each rider, the more helpful the session will be!

How do I know which level of skill session I should sign up for?
 Click the title of the session to follow the link to a description of the skills to be covered as well as suggestion of who would best benefit from that session.  Each session is individualized based on the rider’s current strengths and goals. This may include riding with young children, learning how to descend and ascend steep hills, how to shift gears, introduction to cross country racing, how to ride specific technical terrain, learning front and rear wheel lifts, improving fitness, and downhill riding skills to name a few. Each level may be taken multiple times but the instructor reserves the right to suggest the rider progresses to the next level based on skill mastery. 

What park fees are required?
Sessions booked at Angel Mounds do not require an admission fee. Scales Lake requires a $2 day pass per vehicle and Harmonie State Park has a $7 per vehicle fee or an Indiana State Parks pass.

What if there is inclement weather?
I will be in contact with one or more of the participants regarding weather concerns. The instructor reserves the right to cancel the session if temperatures are below 40 degrees or above 100 degrees.  Please be advised that even if it is not raining at the time of the session, the grass and trails may be too wet to ride safely. Your safety and enjoyment is my number one concern.  If inclement weather cuts the session short, rescheduling options will be discussed on an individual basis. 

What if my bike breaks or I get a flat tire?
I am competent in basic bike repairs and can assist you if something minor happens. Participants are suggested to bring a patch kit and spare inner tube that fits their bike’s wheel size (20″, 26″, 27.5″, 29″) I carry the necessary items to repair a flat but cannot provide all possible tube sizes. A flat tire, broken chain, broken seat post, or brake failure may deem your bike unsafe. Though it is rare, participants will not be allowed to continue the skills session if I feel the bike is unsafe to ride.

Is mountain biking dangerous?
All participants ride at their own risk and must complete a waiver prior to participating.  I provide progressive skill instruction and gradual exposure to challenges based on safety and individual comfort levels. Part of knowing how to ride is learning how to dismount the bike without injury. This skill is taught in the introductory session. If an injury does occur I am certified to provide basic first aid and understand the signs of more serious conditions that may require advanced medical assistance.

Mountain biking in the tri-state is growing exponentially with trail expansions, social gatherings, clinics, and organized races occurring regularly. I can help you gain the confidence and skills to become part of this enriching community. Contact me today to get your wheels rolling!

Tiffany Hutchens
IMBA Certified Mountain Bike Skills Instructor
CPR and First Aid Certified

Insured by Adventsure
Phone (810) 908-0558    Email



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